Blog Post #10: The Year of Luminous Love Review

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Hey everyone! This week’s review is going to be on The Year of Luminous Love, by Lurlene McDaniel. This is actually book one in the Luminous Love series. I read this title back in 2014 and it follows the story of three best friends, all carrying heavy emotional baggage that enthralls readers from start to finish. (I bought the second book, The Year of Chasing Dreams, fairly recently and thought it would be a good idea to talk about the first)

There’s Eden – overcame a difficult childhood being born to a bipolar mother, who’s trying to escape a controlling relationship.

Ciana – fighting to keep her family’s estate while navigating new love, only to discover that getting involved with him means creating a tragic romance triangle and making her life more complicated than it already is.

And Arie – finds out that she has cancer…. Again. Only much worse this time around.

What really struck me was how incredibly close these girls are. They have one another’s back’s through thick and thin. Their loyalty to one another is immensely admirable, from their strong bonds with each others’ families’ to collectively devising a risky, but hopeful plan placing them all in potentially grave danger, The Year of Luminous Love describes a true sisterhood that’s put to the test time and time again.

The strength that every single character in the novel possesses is inspiring and how the friendship between these girls prevails despite everything is the way I feel about my own best friend. Even though its been a few years since I took this out from my high school’s library, I remember reading the concluding pages so well, which highlights Lurlene McDaniel’s talent for writing extremely emotional work.

I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across The Year of Luminous Love and look forward to reading more of McDaniels’ work.

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