Blog Post #11: The Break Review

Hi everyone! Today, I’ll be reviewing a book called The Break, by Marian Keyes. I bought this one at a store in which sold used books while on vacation during the Summer of 2018. The Break is about a hard-working middle-aged woman named Amy, who’s husband, Hugh, reveals shocking news that could change their lives forever.

He decides to take a six-month long vacation on his own, having plans to cut off all forms of contact with everyone from home and wants to pretend as though he’s single again. According to him, this madness (my specific word choice) does not at all mean wanting to divorce her. However, one of the terms is both are allowed to (sort of) see other people. When he comes back, they’ll supposedly resume the marriage.

Hold on. I know what you’re thinking: “The guy should be locked up in a funny farm. No questions asked.” But here’s the catch: he lost both parents and their deaths took a huge toll on his mental health. Hugh felt like he truly just needed some space. So is the situation simultaneously complicated and infuriating? Absolutely. Does it take readers on a crazy ride? You bet.

Throughout the story, the resilience Amy’s character shows amidst the circumstances is incredibly admirable. Having to essentially become a single mom again and working full-time, (which also includes travelling) to consistent stress regarding finances and helping her eldest daughter build a connection with her biological father, (Amy’s ex) life seemingly couldn’t get any more complex. But possessing the amazing work-ethic she has and (mostly) holding her head high while plowing through this incredibly challenging long-term situation may cause her life to take an unexpected turn for the better, even if the future looks grim in the process.

Overall, The Break is a funny, yet triumphant tale of heartbreak and forgiveness. Marian Keyes is an extremely unique talent. Her writing is unlike anything I’ve ever come across and if you’re looking for something really different, this book does not disappoint.

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