Blog Post #28: Didn’t See That Coming Review

Hey folks! What is this? Another post this week? Yup. That’s right. I’m trying to make up for the fact that I’ve been neglecting Four Purple Walls for 6+ months.

So… This post is going to be a review on Didn’t’ See That Coming by the one and only Rachel Hollis! I’ve written reviews on her work before, which you can read here and here.

This book evidently is different from Hollis’ other, self-motivating novels I discussed previously. In Didn’t See That Coming, Hollis talks about how to navigate and move forward from difficult situations life hurls your way, even if it initially seems impossible.

In addition, she shares very personal experiences as examples while also incorporating a bit of humour along the way. For example, as soon as you turn to the first page, the novel begins with her divorce from her husband, Dave, that happened last year. She also takes us through the day her brother tragically took his own life, as well as Hollis’ mother and father giving up on parenting their three other children afterwards. But, despite the heaviness a lot of the content in Didn’t See That Coming carries, she always manages to crack a smile from me, like when mentioning her accident of the fecal-matter kind.

As usual, the advice included is hard-hitting and straight-to-the-point – what I love about Rachel Hollis. The main lesson I took away from this book was essentially, the reminder of how individual the picking-yourself-up-when-your-down process is. Bottom line: Address the situation in front of you by taking an avenue that you think works best for yourself, but don’t EVER give up. Overall, these hardships make us truly appreciate the good things life has to offer as well.

I think so many people can learn from this book. Whether you’re currently in the stages of experiencing a life-altering event, recovering from it, or feeling long-lasting guilt, taking the tools she provides will definitely help.

Check out more of Rachel Hollis’ work at Rachel Hollis Lifestyle – a better life in simple, achievable steps (

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