Blog Post #3: Author Appreciation (Installment #1)

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It’s “author appreciation” time! For those of you who haven’t heard of her before, I want to introduce Barbara Delinsky, a very accomplished (and my favourite) author. I first came across her in 2016 when browsing through my local library. (I wish it was sooner as I found out not too long after that she published her first book in the early 1980s) I’ve been hooked on her work ever since. What I love about the way she writes is how she really digs deep into the human condition. The internal turmoil and insight she shares from both female as well as male character perspectives are what make me in perpetual awe of her.

I consider Delinsky to be a true master of her craft. In the last few years or so, I’m noticing that I gravitate towards realistic fiction more and more. I would say her work is the best I’ve seen within this particular genre. She writes with an extremely high degree of skill and I always look forward to when she announces that she’s releasing new titles. The stories she tells are so emotionally gripping and I always have a ridiculously hard time putting her books down! Some of the novels that I’ve read from her collection are: Suddenly, While My Sister Sleeps, and Flirting With Pete. Check these out!

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