Blog Post #31: From This Moment On Review

Hi everybody!

Whooooooeeeeeeeeeee. This week’s post is on a REALLY good one folks. I just finished reading Shania Twain’s autobiography, From This Moment On, and am still reeling from it.

Many people know her as the singer who’s broken records, gone on sold-out tours as well as a force to be reckoned with in country music. But, with this book, readers get a glimpse into the very long journey she faced before achieving super stardom.

Twain firstly discusses her difficult childhood growing up in Timmins, Ontario. Not having enough money often was the source of anguish for her family, which ultimately led to a household where physical violence, unpaid bills and lacking basic necessities became the norm. Sometimes she and her siblings were sent to school without lunches, therefore staying hungry throughout the day.

The “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” hitmaker also talks about how music was a huge help for her. From tragically losing her parents at age twenty-two and taking on the responsibility of keeping the Twain family together, to being subjected to harassment in a male-dominated industry and burnout during the earlier stages of her career, From This Moment On is a stunning tell-all that will amaze readers.

One relevant point Twain makes as well is when she states how saying a person is not allowed to have personal issues if they have a certain socioeconomic status indicates blatant inconsiderateness. She herself, who can speak on this and has been on both sides, mentions that this should not be the case at all. Everyone endures things, no matter what. Though financial stability does definitely bring a sense of comfort, it alone is not enough to provide someone with true happiness.

I literally cannot put into words how incredible this novel is. It has made me cry, laugh, and gasp out loud while reading. I, kid you not, also couldn’t sleep one night because of something she says in the book that sent a chill down my spine.

I have never read an autobiography with so many details included and absolutely loved From This Moment On. I highly recommend it.

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