Blog Post #6: True Love Review

*WARNING* Major fangirling in this post! This week, I’m going to review True Love by Jennifer Lopez, someone who’s been my idol for the past eight years. Starting out as a “fly girl” on the hit 90s show In Living Colour, to selling over 80 million records worldwide, to say J. Lo has proven to be a force in the entertainment industry is an understatement. I first saw her on Season 10 of American Idol and became a huge fan. I absolutely love everything about her. This title was released back in 2014, but I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts about True Love. It’s a very important novel to me.

 Jennifer describes in vivid detail on what life was like between 2011-2012. Although her career was at an all time high, she went through an extremely difficult time shortly after her and former husband, Marc Anthony divorced. But through it all, she discovered something crucial that many people (especially a lot of us women out there) need to learn: How to love yourself. Despite possessing an incredible work ethic, being extremely talented, and achieving massive success, she reflects on times when she didn’t hold herself in as high esteem as others. She gives the example of when she was pregnant with her twins. Someone was smoking a cigarette nearby and she promptly walked away from the area. Of course, a parent does anything to protect their child, (or in this case, children) but noticed how, before the pregnancy, she never really considered doing the same for herself, even though she generally doesn’t like being around smokers. She didn’t think that she deserved better.

From incorporating elements such as glimpses into her childhood growing up in the Bronx to embarking on her very first world tour, reading this book almost feels as though she’s reading it directly to you. Its that personal. (And aesthetically pleasing – the photos she chose for it are gorgeous) I’ve read True Love a few times. Each time I read, it seems like I adore the book more and more. Loving myself is definitely something I need to work on, and this inspires me to do more things on a daily basis that involve affirmations or my overall mental health. Words cannot describe how much I love her and this book. Even if you’re not necessarily familiar with Jennifer Lopez or her work, but looking to find an intimate and impactful novel, True Love ticks all the boxes for a great read.

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