Process Post #1: A new semester with Four Purple Walls

This week, two tasks we were required to complete is participate in Week 3’s Activity on Canvas and the first peer review. What I find has helped with these kinds of assignments is it allows me to observe certain media strategies that have worked for others as well as make appropriate changes based on constructive feedback. As I begin the semester as someone who has previously taken PUB 101, I think it will absolutely be beneficial for Four Purple Walls to have even more suggestions from different peers.

Suzanne mentioned in lecture that discussion contributions during lecture is an important component of this course. Building a brand and further learning how to express oneself/possessing a deeper understanding regarding what one wants their online presence to project including the opportunity to have the recommendations of individuals also going through the same process (but evidently looking at my website from different perspectives) is highly beneficial. I hope to continue to do so throughout the semester.

I also aim to monetize my site by utilizing ads. My goal is to decide which plugin would be best to install and ensure they appear in approaching weeks.

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