Process Post #11: Plan for transmedia integration

After conducting some research on transmedia integration, it made me examine my social media practices in the last year or so. Months ago for example, I deleted my Twitter account because I eventually lost interest in the content on my feed. Ultimately, I came to the realization after I noticed that I was rarely checking the platform. I went from checking every three or four days, to once every few weeks. However, having Four Purple Walls has evidently changed my perspective. I am considering re-joining by creating another account specifically for it. I think Twitter would definitely be a great addition to my online presence as a blogger.

My plan is to primarily use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The goal is to post, at the very least, once every week on each medium to update my audience on what I intend to post, such as providing hints, or initiate discussion(s) regarding what is already published on the site. They will allow me to disseminate content rapidly, which is also a positive factor. Similarly to what I propose for Twitter, I imagine as to whether or not to making a “Four Purple Walls” Facebook page, (on top of promoting the content with my own personal page) could be a fun and engaging idea.

The reason why I want to focus on these channels is due to the fact that they are some of the most widely used apps/websites, simple in terms of navigation, as well as easy to link to. These are the ones I am the most familiar with. If I do familiarize myself with others, however, I would take into account incorporating them, depending on their overall compatibility and how comfortable I feel utilizing them. I may choose more media, but I believe this particular point is where I should start.

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