Process Post #2: VR, Adding Google AdSense and Suggestions from Reace Mok’s Peer Review

Last week, we went on a field trip to the Media and Maker Commons at the Burnaby campus, where our class was given a tour of the advanced creative technology available to use, including 3D printers, a laser engraver, etc. After completing the required canvas course as well as receiving further instruction, I actually had the opportunity to try virtual reality for the first time. More specifically, the Google Earth VR software and a game called “Waltz of the Wizard.” I had so much fun exploring the world and casting spells! It was one of the most compelling experiences I’ve ever had. Overall, I definitely look forward to harnessing more of what the Media and Maker Commons has to offer.

Suzanne also discussed incorporating more innovative endeavours directly on the site. After observing the origami projects individuals left behind, I remember(ed) learning how to fold an origami bookmark many years ago. I am taking into consideration that it might be an interesting (and different) idea to share the steps/possibly make a how-to infographic for my audience to see.

In regard to the site’s progress, I was able to successfully implement Google AdSense on my site, which has been a goal for the past few weeks. Going through this particular process also encouraged me look at Four Purple Walls increasingly from a business perspective, which, in addition, ultimately helped me figure out how the (first iteration) Business Model Canvas looked by mapping out the various characteristics of the site.

Additionally, Reace Mok was assigned to peer review my site. After reading his post, I really appreciated the pleasant commentary and detailed feedback. I have reflected on the suggestions he included and believe they would be beneficial adjustments when looking at continuing to maximize the blog’s potential. I plan on working towards a higher degree of professionalism for Four Purple Walls, so these are suitable steps to take in doing so.

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