Process Post #6: Design and the Audience

The audience that I have been imagining thus far are people my age or older, (of course those who are younger I appreciate just as much) who are passionate about books.  This imagined audience has informed my design and editorial decisions as I want to make my website, not only easy to navigate, as this aspect is something I want across the board for all sites, but also to look modern and refreshing. Nowadays I notice more and more lifestyle or travel blogs, as I find these are more popular topics. Although I absolutely love these kinds of websites as well as find them extremely interesting, I wanted to do my part in reinvigorating the book blog scene. (as I have seen some people with a strong online presence doing so already) Because technology is advancing at such a rapid pace and for a lot of people (definitely including me) phones have become an extension of the self, I wanted to encourage others to take a break once and while from looking at a small screen by picking up a book.

My style of, 300-400-word reviews of titles that inspire me to give my audience small glimpses as to what they should expect, with what I think is a warm colour scheme, design and layout, was an editorial decision I made as I intend to create an inviting space for people to interact with me and hopefully with one another through commenting/connecting on social media regarding books they want to recommend/discuss. What I do not want audience members to have is the impression that it is merely a weekly update on my opinions towards either newer or older books, but a website where one can find aesthetically pleasing, clear, concise, and meaningful content. These goals are what I strive for. I hope to achieve them in the near future.  

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