Process Post #9: Analytics and the Audience

The guest presenter in lecture this week, Michael Despotivic, provided a very informative overview on how to harness the many functions Google Analytics has to offer by showing us a comprehensive look at certain features, particularly the customization options available. I do agree that it is absolutely a helpful means to better discern who my audience is and how I approach generating content. As of now, (aside from visits by my peers and instructors) little to no engagement has been detected because evidently, I am still in the beginning stages of learning as well as developing audience-building strategies. Opening up social media accounts specifically for the blog is what I plan on tackling in the coming weeks. Instagram is definitely a site I plan on utilizing as the platform is primarily a visual-oriented tool that would be best to represent what kind of content lives in Four Purple Walls.

I also completely understand that leaving data trails while surfing online is a worrisome issue. As someone who has previously learnt about this topic in-depth and looked at numerous case studies regarding privacy and surveillance, the subject will always remain relevant. Being consistently well versed in data-collection practices exercised by anyone from large corporations to independent bloggers is important. I myself too continue to be concerned. Whenever I proceed to download free apps, for instance, I am increasingly attentive when it comes to others possessing the capability of viewing my information and take advantage of privacy-protective options wherever I can.

I believe this awareness essentially reiterates the highly debated topic on how this core aspect of internet usage is markedly a double-edged sword. While having access to so much information and being able explore different opportunities is a positive factor and its intrinsic purpose, the information potentially gathered from you simultaneously in doing so is intrusive. These additional integrations and implications play a crucial role, especially because I have a website, but now I have a clearer perspective on both sides.  

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