Blog Post #12: By Invitation Only Review

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Hi everyone! This week’s review is going to be on a novel that I just finished reading called By Invitation Only, by Jodi Della Femina and Sheri McInnis.

By Invitation Only is a cute story primarily about best friends Layla and Toni, but also occasionally from the perspective of other characters as well.

Layla is a beautiful girl engaged to a nice guy named Hudson, the son of very affluent parents. On the surface, it looks like she has it all. But having to deal with an overbearing (future) mother-in-law who doesn’t approve, wants nothing more than to take over the wedding plans, show off their absurd amount of wealth and maintain the family’s reputation, starts to take its toll. This craziness causes her to further make a mistake that puts a riff between her and Toni. To say Layla might be in for doozy would be an understatement.

Toni is running her own catering business while waitressing at a restaurant. When she meets a man under unlikely circumstances who could potentially be “the one,” it takes her on a path of love she’s never experienced before and discovers what she really wants out of a romantic relationship. (Seriously though, its almost as if someone took a movie that people normally see on the Hallmark channel and decided to turn it into a novel) However, he’s keeping secrets regarding his professional life that could place what they have in jeopardy. Possessing a vindictive rival and circumnavigating new love, to a former flame showing up out of nowhere to get back together with her and worrying about Layla, Toni goes through a hectic period of self-discovery and the hard work she puts in along the way might finally make her ultimate dream become a reality.

Although I don’t think By Invitation Only is the best book I’ve read, its great for when you’re in the mood to laugh. There are moments that will make you go “awww” and also ones that will have you gasping out loud. The book is quite unique and the first time I’ve read a fictional novel so heartening in a while. I believe By Invitation Only is a great place to start if looking to find a feel-good read.

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