Blog Post #15: Author Appreciation (Installment #3)

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Hi everyone! I hope this “author appreciation” post will brighten your Monday. Or, if you’re already having a great Monday, that’s awesome! Today, I thought I’d talk about an incredible writer who’s very well-respected and known in the world of literature. He’s even promoted his books on The Oprah Winfrey Show! (That’s right… he’s spoken with the talk-show queen, herself) Its… Ken Follet!

I remember watching his interview and him mentioning his teachers would compliment him on his advanced writing skills.

 The Pillars of the Earth is the first title of Follet’s I knew about. I kid you not, it is probably the most detailed book I have ever read! Oprah said that she heard one woman actually burned her husband’s dinner because she was so glued to the book! (I just noticed/found out recently that it was released back in 1989, which totally caught me off guard. The two novels in the series following the title, World Without End and A Column of Fire were released in 2007 and 2017 respectively)

The Pillars of The Earth was actually made into a critically acclaimed miniseries which debuted about ten years ago. The show stars actors Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne and Hayley Atwell.

The Man from St. Petersburg is one from Follet I thoroughly enjoyed as well. (Thanks mom, for letting me borrow it!) Follet’s work is absolutely profound and is at this whole other level. His talent for penning such stunning prose just blows me away every single time. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see him on MasterClass or another platform where he teaches people how to write historical fiction.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all had enough of my incessant gushing! Head on over to your local library or bookstore to check these out. I guarantee his books will not disappoint!

For more on Ken Follet, you can view his official website here:

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