Blog Post #1: Girl, Wash Your Face Review

Girl, Wash Your Face, is a 2018 New York Times Bestseller by motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur Rachel Hollis. I felt really curious when I first came across this book. After reading many great reviews, I decided it was worth a read.

A self-development novel, Hollis dives straight into the topic of empowerment as well as encouraging women to live life being their best selves. She is all for setting goals and doing what it takes to make them happen. The essence of her overall message is taking charge of your own life and chasing after your dreams, giving advice on how to go about achieving them while facing (pretty much) inevitable challenges like self-doubt or naysayers along the way.

What I loved most about this book is how she explains in detail regarding some of her own, less than great experiences – familial dynamics during childhood that deeply affected her self-worth well into her adult years and difficulties with the process of adopting her daughter after already having three biological sons, to name a few. Hollis includes some hilarious (and “relatable”) elements too, including an unhealthy obsession with actor Matt Damon. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication, humility, and vulnerability to share what she has in this book, and I admire her so much for doing so.

Girl, Wash Your Face to say the least, is one of the best inspirational reads I’ve ever encountered. I thoroughly enjoyed Hollis’ work and she has become a person I truly look up to, not only because she embodies everything I aspire to be, but also is just a genuine person who wants to build the people around her up. Rachel Hollis’ words of wisdom is something I didn’t know I needed. For all women out there searching to find a good motivator, I highly recommend you take a look.

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