Blog Post #19: Sweet Salt Air Review

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Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great day. This week’s post is on Sweet Salt Air, by the one and only Barbara Delinsky! Without further ado, here’s the review.

Nicole is working on a cookbook and seeks the help of her good friend Charlotte – a writer living a nomadic lifestyle who writes about the things she encounters during trips to various places around the globe. When Charlotte meets up with Nicole to stay with her after a decade of not seeing each other, both women are (of course) delighted to spend more time together.

 However, they’re also keeping enormous secrets: Nicole’s husband Julian, a successful surgeon, was diagnosed with an illness that could ruin his career and does not want Nicole to tell anyone about the diagnosis. Charlotte’s secret on the other hand, may destroy their lifelong friendship, but, if revealed, might save Julian’s life in the process as well as finally free her to love again.

Sweet Salt Air tells the story of two friends, despite its complexities, bravely navigate a situation in which heavily involves healing and forgiveness.

The novel transported me to a Summer in the picturesque “Quinnipeague,” and hilariously made me want to eat seafood dishes like lobster rolls when I was reading it late at night. Overall, there’s always been something about suburban Summers that evoke certain feelings in people.

Being a novel by Delinsky, it does not surprise me at all that she came up with yet another extremely unique storyline. Her characters always, in my personal opinion, show an admirable resiliency despite facing incredible odds.

This is the most recent title of hers I read and was so excited when I had the chance to finally write about it. Every book she releases is nothing less than a fantastic contribution to the world of literature.

If the qualities that I mentioned above are what you’re currently looking for, I recommend you give Sweet Salt Air a shot.

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