Blog Post #2: This Is Me Review

I’ve been a huge fan of Chrissy Metz since I started watching the hit TV drama This Is Us. After watching countless interviews and getting brief glimpses into her past, including only “having eighty-one cents” left in her bank account when booking this show that has achieved incredible success, I really wanted to know more about her background. As you could probably imagine, I felt really excited when she first announced the release date for her autobiography, This Is Me.

Metz starts off by reflecting on details from a tumultuous childhood growing up in Gainesville, Florida. What broke my heart is how she describes her verbally as well as physically abusive stepfather and her experiences living with him. The most surprising aspect of the novel is when she mentions him sending a letter years later apologizing for the way(s) he mistreated her. With being raised in a hellish environment making her a stronger person and playing an influential part in who she is today, Metz then makes a really powerful statement, saying: “I feel nothing can break me.”

She goes on to elaborate on her relationship with her former husband and career as an agent. As I continued to read the novel, it amazes me how everything she’s gone through, good and bad, led her to the role of “Kate Pearson” on my favourite sitcom. Metz not only relates to this character on a deeply personal level, she has brilliantly brought her to life. (to which she further provides what life is like on set near the conclusion)

The reason as to why I decided to write a review is because Chrissy Metz always comes to mind whenever I think of people who have overcome this kind of adversity in their lives and I love expressing gratitude towards those who project positive energy out into the world. There is no doubt that This Is Me is nothing less than a genuine story of triumph.

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