Blog Post #22: Let Your Fears Make You Fierce Review

Hi everyone. Hope you all are staying healthy and safe. This week’s review is going to be on a good one! Its Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, by Koya Webb.

Let Your Fears Make You Fierce is an all-encompassing motivational title about making the right choices for you to live as your best self. From improving your eating habits and incorporating daily affirmations to going after your professional goals and having healthy relationships with people, this book dives into the “why’s” and “how’s” of practicing personal wellness on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level, and provides meaningful guidance in every area of one’s life. Moreover, whilst addressing these levels, the overarching theme it tackles is being mindful, further containing advice on difficult topics including overcoming hurt and understanding the true meaning of forgiveness.

She additionally emphasizes knowing what or what isn’t nourishing your soul regarding establishing as well as chasing your goals/objectives/mission(s). However, one of Webb’s most powerful messages is encouraging people to choose “love-based” over “fear-based living,” meaning that you can choose to let your fears hold you back or utilize them in a way where you can grow.

Throughout, Webb draws upon her own personal experiences as well, such as beginning the book by describing a previous goal of hers that started in middle school of wanting to be a track star. She won a full track scholarship to Wichita State University and wanted to become a gold-medalist in the Olympic games. Unfortunately, following multiple injuries and years of intense training sessions that took a major toll on her body, she made the difficult decision to stop pursuing it. But trying yoga completely changed her life’s and eventually career’s trajectory. Webb chose a different path leading her to another passion and has since achieved massive success in doing so.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Oprah Winfrey’s “Aha!” moments. As I progressed through the novel, I think I had multiple “Aha!” moments in every chapter! What really struck a chord with me is when she discusses letting go of the past – something I still need to address in order to effectively work on myself.

A unique aspect of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce is that she actually gives readers space to write down their thoughts and responses to her prompts directly into the book. Examples would be “Say “I forgive you” for ________________” and “I am grateful for _________________.”

Overall, I was in absolute awe. I’ve learnt so much from Koya Webb and am grateful that I came across this book. To anyone looking for a solid work within the self-help/motivation genre, I highly recommend Let Your Fears Make You Fierce.

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