Process Post #9: Marketing

This week, Suzanne provided us with a comprehensive overview on potential marketing opportunities for our sites should we decide to look into additional methods to monetize them. She describes different types of advertising we can undertake, such as “social media” and “affiliate ads” (Norman, 2020). I have already implemented ads using Google AdSense, but I did want to learn about the other options that can assist in catering specifically towards my audience. On the whole, it was interesting to examine more targeted approaches.

Suzanne deconstructed the characteristics of effective advertising and what it entails as well as provided direct examples including “website-based displays” utilized by popular websites such as The Washington Post (Norman, 2020). Key pieces of advice shared that I also aim to incorporate more on Four Purple Walls are the certain practices involving “content marketing,” (Norman, 2020). The main suggestions being “using specified language from the brand in your post” and “publishing post[s] on [particular] dates” (Norman, 2020). I have tried to remain consistent in regard to language. However, when blogging, we are encouraged in PUB 201 to publish at least one post per week, so the best way to go about doing so addressing the latter would be, perhaps, a unique entry on International Literacy Day, which is happening September 8 this year, evidently because it relates to Four Purple Walls’ topic, where I could combine a review with a nod to the exclusive occasion.

Also, one of the links to an article on the last slide describes as to what a “blogger rate card” is – a tool people currently use that I never heard of before. It essentially exhibits various “ad placements and price rates for advertisers on [a] blogger’s site” (Parsons, 2019). What surprised me is that these cards can be either “digital” or “physical” (Parsons, 2019). I notice how harnessing this kind of strategy is beneficial due to the information shown giving direct insight. Overall, the blogger rate card was without a doubt a compelling takeaway from the lecture.


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