Blog Post #5: The Opposite of Maybe Review

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This week I wanted to do a review on a fictional novel that I read earlier this year called The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson. This is a story about “Rosie,” a woman in her mid-forties who has never really had a “traditional” life. She and her boyfriend, Jonathan, (only a year older than herself) have been together for 15 years, living in an apartment with no children or any serious plans on having any. The couple always prided themselves in not being like everyone else, until one day, all hell breaks loose. Rosie discovers she’s pregnant. Jonathan decides to propose to her then declares that he wants to move their lives to another city far away so that he can continue pursuing a (weird and insanely boring-sounding) long-term hobby. Just like that, *snaps fingers* her whole world turns upside down.

After much deliberation and arguments, they agree on Jonathan getting settled there by himself for the time being. Rosie decides to move in with her over-90-years old maternal grandmother temporarily and sort everything out before joining him, only to find that she hasn’t been taking proper care of herself. Rosie also meets her neighbour, a young man named Tony, who’s life is just as crazy as her own. And what happens when you combine one messed up life with another? Well, it most likely becomes a bigger mess (haha) but something absolutely wonderful can come of it if you give it a chance.

While all this is happening, she uncovers heartbreaking details from her past, but simultaneously develops a new confidence to finally take control of her own destiny. The Opposite of Maybe is an uplifting story about someone who is tired of “what ifs” and decides to seize the major opportunities life has to offer, even if later on down the road than some people and it means leaving behind a life you’ve always known. 

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