Process Post #4: Editing and Genres

Since I already know who my audience is, it has influenced my editing process as I feel like I am in a position where I have already established my own voice and happy with the content I produce for those who are interested in visiting my blog. My initial reaction to having this blog was truly figuring out how to be able to make my writing seem more personal as well as truer to who I am. After looking at the Peer Review that Erica Apacible (Moods & Mixtapes creator) wrote for Four Purple Walls, her statement confirms my concern as she says how she is “not too sure [she] could pick out [my] voice” amongst other “blog posts.” I really appreciate Erica’s feedback and I know this inherent aspect is something I definitely need to work on. I believe a way in which I could tackle this issue is if I were to look over all my blog posts thus far to see if I could incorporate more unique elements to them.

What I do not want is for my academic writing to completely take over what should be a combination of both academic as well as personal. PUB 101 has opened my eyes to the importance of, in a sense, taking my thoughts, and formatting them where it is satisfying for what I want my blog to be and not just viewing the website solely as a requirement from me. The editing process I decided to undertake now primarily encompasses the practice that makes it seem more as having a conversation with my audience. Less of a formal writing approach and more concise, individualistic writing should be a goal that I perpetually aim to achieve. I hope in the near future, my peers find my voice distinct in comparison to others.

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