Process Post #7: Design changes made based on Peer Review #2

I decided to make three design changes to Four Purple Walls based on the review(s) I received. A collective concern people have had with the background is that the image makes it difficult for audience members to read, which I initially did not realize because I thought the bright background contrasted well with the black-coloured font. Nonetheless I decided to remove the image and change the background colour to a light purple by going to “Page Background” through “Customize.” I believe this modification makes a significant difference.

I also chose to change the “Link Text” from a darker purple back to black. Reflecting on when I first made the decision, I now understand this was not the best selection as normally it is not a great idea to have the background and text a similar colour, even if one is a much darker shade than the other. As the link text is a light blue/turquoise colour by default, I actually fiddled with this aspect a few times before settling for black.

The third implementation I was advised to essentially exclude is the “Drop Cap” feature. I really liked this function as it fit my topic of books – many novels/books have the “initial.” However, taking the suggestion into account that, due to the beginning letter being much larger than the rest of the text, utilizing this option is distracting with my particular formatting, so I went to each blog entry I posted and deselected the “Drop Cap.”  I admit that my stubbornness gets in the way from time to time and usually do not like changing certain features based on others’ feedback. But looking at the changes now, I definitely think these were made for the better. I appreciate the review(s) provided and will further keep an open mind regarding design recommendations.

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