Blog Post #8: I Can’t Make This Up Review

Howdy, everyone! This week’s review is going to be on I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart. A husband, father, very successful comedian, actor, and now author, I think it’s safe to say Kevin Hart is one of the hardest working celebrities out there. Every time I watch something of his, whether it be a Netflix comedy special or film, he never fails to make me burst out laughing. But this autobiography shows a different side of him. (in a good way)

From elaborating on what his childhood was like living in Philadelphia to a single parent and the challenges he faced starting out as a stand-up comic, to having his very own TV sitcom cancelled numerous times and a dysfunctional relationship with his first wife, Kevin Hart provides a very vivid snapshot of his seemingly rollercoaster-like life. Some major elements were beginning by describing his incredibly strict mother, who, essentially banned him from socializing outside of school, signing him up for exhausting extracurriculars that took up all of his time. Another would be his father serving a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit that was based purely on circumstantial evidence.

What I truly like about this novel is how raw and painfully honest he is in telling his story. I never expected anything less from him. I can wholeheartedly say I Can’t Make This Up made me appreciate Kevin Hart even more, not just as an extremely talented performer, but also as a human being. Reading about what he’s had overcome to get to where he is today was absolutely mind-boggling. I applaud him so much for always putting his best foot forward.

If you are wanting to take a break from fiction and pick up a book that is revealing as well as deeply personal, I Can’t Make This Up is a definite a recommend.

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