Process Post #7: Feedback on our sites and effective social media practices

This past week, Suzanne started off the lecture by providing us with some general feedback on our sites. Subsequently, we had discussions regarding aspects that could be improved, such as navigability. Consolidation so we do not have too many menus was one that stood out in particular. The class collectively agreed how four is a suitable amount. Since I have six, this may cause some foreseeable issues. I definitely plan on addressing them. “Posiel,” for instance, contains content from PUB 101 which I took last semester, and I am unsure if keeping it will overall negatively impact my blog.

However, afterwards we actually spent some time looking at websites from the class Suzanne selected and analyzed them together. The blogs that we saw were ones I believe I personally have not had the chance to view yet, so this activity was a great opportunity for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed observing the immense creativity my peers are sharing for the course and look forward to doing so again in the near future.

She also talked about the best practices for other online platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I think the challenge I would have when I create these accounts to promote Four Purple Walls is to engage without using too much repetition. I envision posts with pictures of the books or author(s) I feature each week and summarizing the blog entries, but further try to go about it in a way where the posts are enticing to the audience. I additionally want to come up with questions, such as “What do you want me to review next?” Regularly posting different questions incorporating what I mentioned is an undertaking I hope that my “tribe” will consider engaging. Designing questions will be a productive exercise to prepare for social media and I believe it can enhance my presence.


Norman, S. (2020, February). Conversations: “With” not “At.” PUB 201. Lecture conducted from Vancouver, B.C.

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