Process Post #6: Writing Peer Review #2 and the Second Iteration of my Business Canvas

Coming back from our week-long reading break, we were required to write Peer Review #2 and complete the second iteration of our Business Canvas. I firstly, found Hannah Krutow’s website really compelling. West Coast Design Elements possesses a modern look and unique content which I appreciate. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it. One aspect that stood out to me was how she has formatted her contacting platform(s), which were very professionally done.

For the second Business Canvas Iteration, the whole development was thought-provoking when going over the various components again to see what I am able to add. As I go through the semester learning about more tools for websites, I can visualize the additional opportunities more clearly which assisted in mapping out my consideration process and trajectory of Four Purple Walls. The goal currently is to conduct extensive research on how to go about realistically pursuing these opportunities.

As of now, I have not created professional social media pages for the blog yet. The “Contact” page only shows my personal handles. The main challenge I face currently is figuring out the best practices. I already determined that Instagram appears to be the best option initially because it is evidently visual-oriented. However, I do think Facebook is useful because users are able to incorporate as many hyperlinks as desired, whereas Instagram, from my understanding, only allows individuals to have hyperlinks in their profile/description. I would want to add a direct link when notifying the audience about new posts so strategically Facebook is also a viable preference.

This would be my first-time running accounts primarily encompassing a different purpose other than document certain moments in my life, so switching the writing hats is going to be an interesting undertaking. In the first round of feedback, to illustrate, I was advised to use less exclamation points for professional writing. Justifiably, I should apply this feedback to social media as well and I look forward to doing so.

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