Process Post #8: Content + Copyright

 This week’s lecture was on Copyright and this made me contemplate how I should be cautious when adding content to the blog section of Four Purple Walls.  I have learned much about this topic in a previous course, but now that I have my own blog, the implications regarding the subject is now a very relevant part of my academic and personal life. In regard to photos, I take them myself when/where I can, or if I have to search for one online, I try to make sure that I exercise copyright etiquette by giving the original owners credit. I actually found a very detailed, informative source called “Law and Etiquette for Using Photos and Images Found Online,” which elaborates on the proper/expected protocol when using someone else’s intellectual property of this nature.

I argue that ensuring you are not legally overstepping primarily involves simply asking the person/a representative for permission to utilize some of their content if you are ultimately unsure as to whether this utilization is deemed copyright infringement. Now that direct communication has become significantly simplified due to many free, text-message-like services, such as SMS and Facebook Messenger, or even sending an email is possible in a circumstance where contact information is available, individuals wanting to do so should be obligated to take the initiative.

The discussions that were brought up in class encompassed the overarching and problematic concerns about the internet, and how everyone will perpetually have a difficult time regulating a platform that is not inherently meant to be regulated. Our guest speaker did provide an explanation that now, notably living in a digital era, the lines between “private” and “public” are blurred. Taking this prevailing fact into account in addition to possessing more of a responsibility now that I am in control of website; as I continue to add newer elements, furthering my understanding of copyright is imperative.

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